Repair and Service Maintenance Solutions for Tractors & Trailers

Brockville Tractor-Trailer Maintenance (2001) Ltd. is a progressive, client focused service and repair company that was established in 1986 by George Thorne Sr.  and in 2001 was purchased by George Jr. The cornerstone of Brockville Tractor-Trailer Maintenance (2001) Ltd. offerings involves all commercial grade diesel and gas vehicles repairs, parts supply and preventative maintenance for trucks and trailers. 
Fleet, and private owners that are traveling in the Joyceville in the west to Morrisburg in the east and north to Spencerville have access to 24 hour roadside service.
We continue to grow because of the reputation that we have earned in the trucking industry.  Renovations commenced in the fall of 2012 to expand the facilities to service the International Truck repair and warranty demand. Brockville Tractor-Trailer Maintenance (2001) Ltd. is an approved Drive Clean Facility (e-test) for commercial diesel engines. Our maintenance and service team has extensive experience with all makes and models and the formalized relationship with Tallman Truck Centre Limited and International Truck and Engine Co. – Navistar® Corporation as an Associate is a value added service that was developed with our clients in mind. 

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